SATPIN and Phonics

SATPIN and Phonics Learning

At the Faith Nursery Forest Hill, we teach our pre-schoolers letters SATPIN. S, a, t, p, i and n are the first six letters we teach to the children in preschool who are just about to start to learn to read.

We teach children SATPIN first because

  • They are very common sounds, and we use them to teach children blending and segmenting (reading and spelling) lots of different words much faster. 
  • These letters and more importantly the sound they make, appear in many basic ‘sound out’ words. So not only can we teach the letter names and sounds, but we can also start to put them together in words. 
  • When SATPIN letters are put together you can blend and segment them to read and write several simple words – SAT – SIT – PAN – PAT- PIN –TIP – TAP – ANT-SAP etc. 
  • If you just teach children in order of the alphabet, they would not be able to make as many simple words initially. You cannot make nearly as many words combining the sounds ABCDEF!
SATPIN Activities

SATPIN Activities

In Preschool we sing songs to help the children know the sounds of the letters for example “ants on the apple aaa”

When the children have grasped these sounds, we move on to blending these sounds together to make three letter words like sat, pan, nap and they are called (CVC) words. Consonant Vowel Consonant 

Children will be given the opportunity to say the sounds of the letters in the word and say what they hear.

Children are also offered the opportunity to make their own three letter words using SATPIN.

Another way is using Letter Sacks – SATPIN

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