Faith Nursery Activities

We offer a wide range of activities to our children, for all different age group and interests.

  • Lessons in Christian Faith
  • French Lessons
  • Dance lessons

At Faith Montessori Nursery we welcome children of all faiths and religion and celebrate significant events around the world.

As part of our curriculum the children are taught bible stories and songs.

What better way can children learn of God’s love and care than when their physical and emotional needs are met through love, being cared for and played with, sung to, and rocked?     

We try to provide safe, quiet and gentle care while taking advantage of the opportunity to teach babies through association and feelings—feelings that later develop into concept and attitudes about God.

At Faith Montessori Nursery, we provide French lessons to our Pre-School children as part of the curriculum. The teacher plans activities per term, which includes stories and arts and crafts. Parents are provided with information so that the learning can continue at home if desired.

The French Teacher helps to create a happy and safe learning environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

At Faith Montessori Nursery, our child get dance lessons as part of the curriculum.

We also have Dance lessons with a Dance Teacher as an optional extra.

Regular music sessions helps to stimulate your child’s developing brain and enhances maths and language development as well as social skills.