Play Rooms

The nursery comprises of two buildings with dedicated play rooms for the baby unit, Toddler 2-3 and pre-school rooms, with each room dedicated to fun and stimulating activities for that age group.  Our rooms are run by highly trained staff, all with specific experience within each age group.

All of our rooms are evaluated on a regular basis using the ITERS or ECERS scales and we frequently invite the local authority to inspect our setting against these standards.

Find more about our rooms below: 

  • Baby Room
  • Toddler Room 2-3's
  • Pre School Room (3-5 year old)

In the Baby Room we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Examples of the kinds of activities arranged by the nursery nurses are, art and crafts (sticking feathers onto a picture or handprint painting),  messy play (for example playing with playdough or cooked pasta), dressing up, playing with puzzles or using construction blocks or other toys.

Please refer to the Baby Room Page for more information.

Toddler room’s activities might include learning colours and numbers or telling the group about their weekend. Daily routines include learning age appropriate tasks such as tooth brushing and always involve plenty of songs, nursery rhymes and stories.

Please refer to the Toddler Room Page for more information.

Our large, well equipped, Pre-School rooms cater for children aged 3-5 years in the period before they leave for school. Working on a ratio of 1 team member for every 8 children. Sessions are offered on a full day, half day and government funded basis.

The Pre-Schools rooms are set up into sections using the seven areas of learning. Personal, Social & Emotional. Communication and language. Physical development. Understanding of the World. Mathematics. Literacy. Expressive art and design.

The Pre-school is a free flowing, continuous provision that allows each child to access a number of our well-resourced areas situated in different classrooms:

Messy Area (painting, drawing and sticking)

Home Corner (imagination development)

Construction Area (experience problem solving through play)

IT Area (PC's, MP3 players, torches, cameras and video cameras)

Book Corner (quiet area to read a story) 

Sensory Room

Within the Pre-School section we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as well as the Montessori Method and have started to build links with the local schools.

Please refer to the Pre-school Room Page for more information.