Our 5 Star Kitchen

Our Kitchen has recently been awarded 5 Stars by the Food Standards Agency Officer (Lewisham Council).

 Our 5 Star KitchenOur 5 Star Kitchen


According to government figures, 96% of children in the UK do not get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet. Correct bone and teeth development in children is becoming a major challenge, and children who eat a diet lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) have shown to perform worse academically at school and are seen to be more aggressive in their outward behaviour.

Children who don’t eat a variety of foods could be missing out on some vital essential nutrients that are needed in this stage of developmental period of their lives. These are nutrients that contribute to excellent growth, clever minds, physical fitness, and great overall health which will take them into adulthood. High numbers of children are failing to grow at the correct rate, and have problems at school, or with childhood obesity. Often this is all tied up with nutrient deficiencies in their diet.

At Faith Montessori Nursery we take our children’s diet very seriously and provide them with nutritious and delicious foods. We ensure that our children get a balanced diet.

We are mindful of dietary requirements and cater for vegetarians, allergies, food intolerances and religious beliefs.

We ensure that all children are provided with a varied and healthy diet that contains the correct balance of nutrients to aid their growth and development.

Our meals are freshly prepared on site daily by our full time cook in order to provide children their recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

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