Working with Children & Parents

We understand how important the first five years of a child’s life are and we are committed to providing a safe and motivating environment in which your child can develop and grow at their own pace.

Each of our rooms are equipped with a widespread range of age appropriate toys to inspire learning, encourage creative play and to stimulate co-operation and discussion between the children as they play.

  • Key Person scheme
  • Settling In
  • Parents as Partners

We operate a key Person scheme for each child and carry out regular developmental progress reports.

The Key Person will develop a trusting relationship with their children, support them throughout the settling in process, and maintain strong links with parent/carers.

We understand how stressful and upsetting it can be leaving your child for the first time in a new nursery for both you and your child.

When a child is accepted by the nursery, arrangements will be made for a visit so that the child can familiarise themselves with the nursery. The nursery staff will work in partnership with parents / carers to settle the child into the nursery environment.

We believe in working with parents as partners, as we believe parents are their child's first and most endured educators. We maintain strong links with parents and hold regular parents evenings, as well as being available throughout the day, to discuss any aspects of a child’s nursery experience.

Home Observations

We will send home some home observations sheets for you to complete to record your child’s achievements and progress at home. The Home Observations Sheets will have examples at the back to help you. Please do take the time to complete them as we use them in the Progress Report that you will get at parents evening. The EYFS require parental input for us to complete your child’s profile and progress report. Please see the parents’ guide to the EYFS online for more information. 

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